As a vehicle for HIV education and empathy, it is urgent, confrontational, and an important opportunity to better understand a population facing the brunt of today’s HIV epidemic.“This is by far the most important thing I have done in my career,” producer Alexandra Hall said in a walk-through of the space during final rehearsals.

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You’re going to have quite a conversation on the ride home, and for days to come, about how the story line you witnessed weaves into theirs.

Better yet, this is theater as social change and education. Initiative and based on social research about black gay men and HIV, particularly in the cities of Baltimore and Jackson, Mississippi (where the show has also been produced), explores themes of love, family, faith, and self-acceptance through the lens of the epidemic.

“The best way to get people to change their behaviors is to make them uncomfortable.

A lot of our audience may never have spent time with gay black men in their daily routine or in their homes.” That audience will likely include healthcare providers, a target of the production’s themes and of their outreach to see the show.

Black Tiger Sex Machine perform a live show as a three piece band.

They utilize a central mixer, drum machines, launchpads and keyboards.

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Forget the friends who come with you to see this show.