Constantly harassed by his domineering, traveling salesman father, Raymond struggles to deal with his mother's bed-ridden anxieties and his first, stumbling attempts to romance the naive girl next door. It's not one of those movies that you watch over and over again, but definitely a funny B-movie. The house isnt much they dont seem to be too wealthy.

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The simplest way to describe this movie would be, a descent into The Dysfunctional Family From Hell, or mostly, The Dysfunctional Parents From Hell And Their Unfortunate Son.

The film covers a relatively short span of maybe a week one summer when a college freshman finds himself unexpectedly trapped at home looking after his bedridden mother.

It is a deeply absurd and Kafkaesque world which provides plenty of black black comedy. It is never predictable, which kept my attention riveted to the screen, and 2.

It always looks and feels "real." That is to say, it never resorts to the usual hooks and cop-outs that most movies rely on: using a more attractive/telegenic cast, prettifying what little nudity and sex there is, having a satisfying/redeeming/uplifting ending wherein the main character "solves" a problem or "learns" a lesson at film's end, etc.

" The only one who deserves praise in this pathetic mess of a movie is Jeremy Davies who, in an especially brave performance, at least, manages to make you totally understand Raymond's frustrations and angst.

Davies' achievement is even more remarkable considering that Russell's script is nothing but a bunch of dysfunctional muck.His mother is lonely, but also selfish and manipulative.Raymond makes fumbling attempts to connect with a neighborhood girl (Carla Gallo), and his other "friends" are all drunk or stoned losers.Raymond is filled with overwhelming sexual tensions and frustrations.The neighbor girl thinks Raymond is gay, and his friends doubt he gets any sex.It boggles my mind that anyone could see this movie as a comedy; even a "dark comedy" at that; much less an "entertaining" one.