The showbiz industry is filled with unscrupulous companies that pray on unsuspecting parents. They know that ALL parents think their children are talented, beautiful and smart. There are millions of them and millions of parents who can be taken by sales pitches that feed the need to hear “Your kid should be a star”. You answer a casting notice, get approached in a mall, or even get a phone call after filling something out online.They know that proud parents want their children to be happy and succeed. The sales person pretending to be in the industry and posing as a casting director, agent or some other title tells you your child is “perfect” and would like you to audition for some part.The last thing a legit casting director for an ad campaign will do is travel small town malls seeking talent.

The only real way into the industry is with a resume, training, hard work and an agent.

An agent will not see your child unless they have some experience and training.

These people are in Africa, US authorities can not touch them and they know it!

Forget about fame and fortune and concentrate on your kid having fun with it and improving their skills.

The reading is meaningless because there is no real part you are reading for…. They tell you that there are tons of companies who need “new faces”…

and miraculously, can’t find them in the sea of over population outside.

They love you so much from your pic that they will pre-pay you for the shoot… Your bank cashes the check and you forward the rest as told.

2 days later your bank holds you accountable for the thousands of dollars you withdrew against a fake check.

In small markets, agents may not always be required.