As you progress toward your degree, Course Mentors are the knowledgeable experts who will provide the subject-matter instruction and support you need, exactly when you need it.

Your program is made up of a series of courses, each a personalized journey toward subject mastery.

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The admission process is designed to help you and the university reach an informed decision about your likelihood of success. Consequently, not every applicant is admitted because not every individual is a good fit for WGU’s programs and competency-based, online academic model.

As you move through your program, there will be instances where practical application is needed.

Ninety practice hours are required as part of this field experience, some of which will be fulfilled through community assessments, simulations, and other activities.

You will find that these courses are typically higher-level courses that are an integral part of our core BSN program and vital to your success.

This practical application cannot be applied if you are not working at least 20 hours or more per week as a Registered Nurse. Almost every student with a license as a registered nurse can clear on transfer 50 to 90 credit equivalents from a previous program into this program.

If you’ve taken courses or received a degree from another college or university, you may be able to clear some of these requirements through transfer credit.

When you need more structure, faculty-led cohorts are also available.

WGU measures learning, not time, so each course in your program culminates in an assessment—a test, paper, project, or presentation that allows you to prove what you know.

We also offer hundreds of scholarships every year through several specialized scholarship programs.