Her endless bicep curls and wrist raises had given her the strength and stamina of a fulltime spa therapist.s mouth. She had become addicted to the huge toe-curling climaxes she enjoyed since becoming submissive to Sam. She waved her hand up and Laura stopped teasing Chris.

But like any dealer with an addict on the hook, Sam was starting to increase the price of her fix.s pulsing erection, barely making contact. Sam curled her finger and then put it to her lips, gesturing Laura to follow her quietly out of the room. Sam pulled the Velcro straps out from under a cushion and patted the bench. Bondage sessions were always intense but they often ended with mind blowing orgasms.

He had never felt remotely as sexually charged in his life before, but with no release for his pent up frenzy.s cunt as she hovered above his head, facing his feet.

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He realised that he had not even considered Sam might have her own own sex life beforehand. Sam had invited him round to see her s large penis.

He Yet here he was slurping the fishy spunk of some unknown guy. Had Sam told him what she planned and had they laughed together as he deposited this load in her pussy ? Deep down, she knew she was doing it not because of the sting of the ruler, but because she wanted the humiliation of sucking a stranger. She shut her eyes to protect them from the pulsing jets but held her jaws apart. She had locked Laura in the tiny third bedroom early, at 8 p.m, like a kid.

Her body was magnificently fit, without a millimetre of fat, although she herself would have liked more generous curves.

She had a flat A-cup chest and was going to get herself a boob-job if she ever got the money.

If he were some Russian oligarch or New York hedge funder, Sam would spend his money and keep him happy, wouldn Over the next two weeks, Chris was sucked into a vortex of subspace.

His full balls screamed with frustration but he felt more and more hooked on his love for Laura and his lust for Sam.She teased, barely touching his throbbing vein.s manual skills were improving all the time.Every afternoon, Laura gave Sam massages, manicures, pedicures, and all kinds of sexual pleasure.Both training sessions were officially two hours; paid in cash at her full, standard rate. Chris greeted her in his running shorts and a Coldplay T-shirt.His face was fresh-shaven but he still bore the 1 tall with caramel hair and a square-jaw. Chris now wore a shiny new Steelwerx Extreme chastity tube 24/7.Both were good looking anyway, but pretty much everybody can use a bit more definition, a healthier lifestyle. Even Chris had only had one girlfriend before Laura.