You may be more justified in doing this if the person you are snooping on is your child.However, you may want to consider being forthright and direct with your child about their device usage, rather than going behind their back.Users can also make their unread messages 'self destruct' after a certain time.

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If you don’t want your lover to find evidence in your phone regarding your secret girlfriend or boyfriend, then one of these apps could help you keep your affair secret.

While, of course, we don’t condone this, it is one reason people use such apps.

These messages could contain sensitive, work-related information, private photos or other data that you don’t want someone using your phone to come across.

Regardless of the reason you don’t want your text messages visible to others, you have the opportunity to choose between an abundance of helpful apps.

Not only can some of the apps available help you to keep your text messages hidden, but many of them will allow you to keep phone numbers, phone call history and other information hidden from anyone’s prying eyes.

How do you feel about data security, private text messages, sexting or other concerns regarding messaging?'Touch Security' forces the recipient into quickly tapping two on-screen buttons in order to view a message, theoretically preventing them from screenshotting it by pressing the i Phone's home and power button.'Motion Security' works in the same way, but tells the recipient to carefully hold the phone upright in order to view a message, while 'Camera Security' makes them hold their phone up to their face.These apps will make it impossible for someone who might look through your cell phone to view your sent and received messages, since they will likely be unaware of the existence of the app. Here are just a few of the features that are found in such apps: Why would a person want an app to hide their text messages?Although many people don’t like to admit it, people go outside of their relationship for sex or intimacy all the time.Perhaps you are working with clients and you need to keep any text messages, files, videos and related information private.