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Even though Lisa has five full sex scenes, Vatelli thwarts their ability to arouse by keeping them down to just a minute or two apiece, lest the audience forget about the story. The single stretch where he relaxes the pace takes place at the Hollandaise mansion with the much maligned Bridgette Monet as loyal assistant Adrian, taking care of Lisa's every need as she would on many an occasion.

Taking a steamy shower that would give Shannon Tweed a run for her money, Monet's oblivious to her being stalked by Hollandaise henchman and real life husband Dave Cannon, her sole screen partner after the first couple of films and main reason for her decrease in public popularity.

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As it's a Limey cat house, corporal punishment's the house specialty and Lisa has to fake it as there are cameras everywhere so she can get info from contact Mike Horner, culminating with a huge dildo gag. Big (Bill Margold), holed up on his island with a revolutionary new weapon he intends to use on Lisa until she turns the tables.

Fade out on Lisa and Mike consummating their professional and personal union.

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