Leave aside that she had to be reminded on her return that DFID can hardly operate by funding Israeli Army humanitarian work with Syrian refugees in the Golan Heights because the UK regards the Golan as illegally occupied territory.

And of course if this had been an official visit on government time, it’s inconceivable that she would not have been obliged to do exactly that.

And that would be true even if the review of funding to the Palestinians was not “ongoing” as her department described it at the end of last year. Some of the Israeli organisations visited by Priti Patel do good work within Israel – and at least one, providing help for children with serious heart conditions, includes Palestinian patients as well as others among its clients.

Things are so bad that last week the Israeli military’s general in charge of civil affairs in the occupied territories, Yoav Mordechai, no less, called for a new “Marshall Plan” of aid for Gaza, without which he suggested another war could well ensue.

The cuts were partly a response to arguments from lobbying from self-styled pro-Israel groups and others here that money used by the Palestinian Authority to support prisoners’ families, for example, amounted to subsidising “terrorism”.

He explained that the reason the meeting did not appear on the list of disclosed appointments was because the Department for International Development had confined the list to those that took place on her summer holiday to Israel.

understands that Ms Patel still faces the sack because she did not disclose to Ms May another meeting that took place after the summer holiday, one with Israeli public security minister Gilad Erdan in Westminster on September 7.

It’s a bit much to expect Priti Patel to visit Gaza on her holiday.

Yet what’s extraordinary about her busy itinerary is that at no point did she even slip across the green line to Ramallah to bring herself up to date on these issues – of vital concern to her Department.

Tel Aviv is hot but it also has perhaps the best urban beaches in the world to plunge into the Med and cool off.