Although their ability to scam people for the moment just got cut off at its knees with no website they can use to harvest CC information via.

I have sent off yet another email to Tinder support outlining Amazon’s actions and requesting again that they ban the user and ban their IP address.

However I am not giving up yet, and with persistence I’m confident I can get Tinder to act.

Then she said she wanted to meet up – again this should have been a warning sign in hindsight, but I had heard stories from friends about Tinder “hookups” happening exactly like I was experiencing myself, so I didn’t think anything out of the ordinary.

That is when she laid the trap – to meet up, first all I had to was verify my age using a free website.

Some googling led me to the information that the website they had used was hosted by Amazon Web Services.

So I sent off an email to [email protected] the situation and asking them to look into it. Yes they will move to a new host sooner or later, but for the moment they have been reminded that legitimate hosting services like Amazon will not facilitate illegal scams like this being carried out on their service and for the moment are offline.

I was already on the phone with Westpac 24 hour card services waiting to be connected as well.

I told them what I had done and asked them to put a block on my card, but it was too late.

So that was reassuring, but I still wasn’t sure he wasn’t just lying to me, I would have to wait and see.

Meanwhile I got to work on dismantling the network the scammers had used to target me with.

At this point I should have realised something was up, but I am naive in love and I let myself believe that everything was normal.