“And then I thought, ‘This is brilliant.’”Such is the typical progression of events—are you out of your damn mind gives way to ah, this is genius—when you work with Ryan Murphy, the bold, bonkers, and genre-bending mastermind behind FX’s hit American Horror Story franchise, in addition to past successes including Glee and Nip/Tuck.He’s changed the landscape of the medium by making scorched earth of its conventions and building his own anarchic TV funhouse on the land.But opposing voices have been building since proposed amendments to legalise same-sex marriage passed initial vetting in parliament earlier this month.

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Thousands protested in Taipei on Thursday against draft bills that would make Taiwan the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage, arguing traditional family values would be undermined.

Protesters dressed in white and holding placards with the slogans including “Stand forward for the next generation’s happiness” packed a street outside the parliament where a committee was debating the issue.

David Tseng, spokesman of the rally’s organiser, The Happiness of the Next Generation Alliance, said that while the group supported equal rights for same-sex partners in certain areas, marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

“Now they want to amend the law to do away with the ‘father’ and ‘mother’ altogether,” he said. In Eastern culture, we place great importance on filial piety to one’s father and mother. Tseng also called for a referendum on the issue, criticising the absence of public participation in drafting the bills.

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Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.With her time on American Horror Story at its twisted happily ever after and awards season firmly underway, Lange spoke to us about why her final season on the show was the highlight, why she’s stepping away from the franchise, and how the Freak Show season was even her idea.(In an article published this month, she also spoke to The Daily Beast about comparisons to Caitlyn Jenner.)Plus, she talks about passing the American Horror Story baton to Lady Gaga, who will star in the next installment, Hotel. I loved every season, some more than others, of course. What I loved most about doing these four years was working with Ryan Murphy, working with this group of kind-of repertory actors, and yet doing something completely different every year. First of all, the character, because this character was enormous. With going back into her history, I was very fascinated with this ’20s and ’30s Germany, between the two World Wars, that period of time that Cabaret takes place. And I loved that my character emerged from that, the whole sordid history that she kept secret. Like, wow, it just keeps getting crazier and crazier. I mean, when it was at its height during the Depression, this was the form of entertainment for rural America. I can only imagine how strange and fun and scary…All of that. It’s amazing, because when he said she was a cabaret singer I assumed we’d be doing period songs. So the more clear question would be: How do you feel about her leading the show in your absence? The same ones I had the great opportunity to work with. But all I can say is she’s going to have good writing and she’s going to have great actors to work with. Yes, she talks about the headlines that were made when she was first asked about it at a recent press conference. Now that the show is finished airing, we’re in the midst of awards season, and the new season is about to go into production—how do you feel now that your four years is over and you’ve had some time to process it? And I appreciate so much the characters that they wrote for me. It was just a lot to play, and to be able to do those musical numbers. Then Ryan, I think in his very brilliant way, decided to run it up against the beginning of TV. She said, “You were like my sister,” and she actually meant it. Then he gave me the first number to learn, which was “Life on Mars.” At first I thought, “Oh, no, we’re way off track.” And then I thought, “This is brilliant.” It was great to learn. They were great, great characters that had so much to do. I’ll miss it, but I think in some way I had never intended to do more than one season, and then reconsidered and decided to do three more. It was the end of one freak show, the beginning of another freak show. We moved it up from when I had proposed and I think it worked much better. Did Elsa do anything this season that really shocked you? But it comes down to her survival, and the survival of her troupe. I studied David Bowie’s music videos, who I have to say is an absolute genius. The new season is about to start filming and the lead torch is being passed to Lady Gaga. You didn’t say much…The question was, now that she was going to do it would I be interested in coming back to work with her or something. But, you know, I felt like I had come to the end of it. You had these two worlds kind of colliding, the end of a popular entertainment and the beginning of another. So then how did you feel about her final scene with Ethel, where she kills her? There was that whole thing of Ethel threatening to do them all in, and that was the trigger, where she decides to kill Ethel. It’s not a question of truthfulness or anything like that. That you were truly surprised when you got the script that she would commit that act? We went around with that scene—Kathy and I and the writers—and talked about it over and over and over again to get it to the right tipping point. To learn the songs, I’m not a born singer, but it’s great because it kept pushing me. But you had to then perform these elaborate production numbers. And when I went into the recording studio, I was absolutely terrified. You were asked about it at the Paley Center panel, how you felt about her taking over, and people were trying to read into what you were saying by what you were not saying. Which was an interesting way to phrase that question. It reminded me of what Gertrude Stein supposedly said on her deathbed. It’s a way of working that Lange has become particularly accustomed to, having finished her final of four seasons as the star of American Horror Story, winning two Emmys in the process and hoping to vie for her fourth for her performance on the most recent Freak Show incarnation.