But if there's a "gray area" and the legality is not so cut and dry, it's up to individual banks to use their own judgment when deciding what to allow and prohibit.Virgin Money, the banking arm of the business empire founded by Virgin Records mastermind Richard Branson, has debuted a line of "punk-themed" credit cards — including three that use the logo and artwork from the Sex Pistols.Visa doesn't block porn purchases either, but says individual banks can decide to deny these transactions if they deem them to be too risky.

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Visa, however, will process lottery ticket transactions as long as the lottery program is legal.

For all of these industries, Visa says its policy is to prohibit any transactions that are clearly illegal.

As of April next year, add online porn to that list.

This week ministers moved a step closer to requiring anyone in the UK who wants to use adult websites to enter their credit card details.

For now, most of the major issuers are refusing to process any transactions involving marijuana -- even if it's considered legal by the state.

Discover said it won't allow the purchase of marijuana for either medical or recreational use because the purchases aren't legal under federal law.

Lottery tickets Since it's technically a form of gambling, lotteries can also be tricky for card issuers.

Discover says it prohibits purchases of lottery tickets anywhere in the United States, as does American Express.

And, by the way, I do eat butter," he sneered last year.