Shy and an introvert by nature, Yui aspires to be a defense attorney in the future and wishes to protect those who can't protect themselves.----------------------------------------------- in progress Position: Center Taiyou's basketball team captain.This allows plenty of possibility for you to pursue those that might only be of interest to you, or if you are a perfectionist, plan your days carefully so that you can maximize everything. Emi's strong character keeps the team in check, and ensures that everyone does their training plans accordingly.

How the Linear-Open World Works Let's say if you have decided to pursue Date X in Day 1, which activates 'Scene 1' of Date X, but find that the date not to your taste, and decided to move on to other choices.

10 days later, IF you had a change of heart and decided to pursue Date X again in, you will continue on 'Scene 2' of Date X, which is a continuation from 'Scene 1'.

With a massive build and leadership skills, Daichi has been eyed by many scouts throughout the years.

----------------------------------------------- in progress Position: Point Guard Kenji is a bubbly and outspoken person, with a sharp tongue to boot.

This could be advancing routes of particular love interests, hanging out with your team mates, or other activities such as studying, training, or doing a part time job!

In your quest to win the Interhigh Championships, can you make the right decisions with your remaining days to reach the perfect ending?

Into The Hoop Team~- Sure, I guess~ If it's up to me, I'd say go full blown with the Bx B instead of just bromance! - So far the green-haired 3 point shooter, Nishijima Jin. We did thread our thought process into the territory of Bx B, but thought that it is a risky move due to it having Bx G too.

but that's maybe because the rest of the boys aren't shown yet. The money system involves a wee bit of planning by the players, as things they can or cant afford to buy/do will provide bonus points, and potentially unlock secret scenes.

Daichi is well respected by his team mates, and is the one who has been leading them to win the regional tournaments.