Out of 2,089 respondents across the country, 56 percent said that it is not acceptable for a woman to live separately from her parents at any age; 72 percent were against a woman cohabiting with a man without marriage; 80 percent thought that women should never have sex before their wedding; and 92 percent thought that women should get married at the age 18-25.

I wouldn’t be lying if I say that a foreign woman is everything that a Georgian woman is not.

To start with, a Georgian woman is expected never to live on her own, not even mentioning living with a man, get married at the age 18-25 and be a virgin on her wedding night.

This is a general portrait painted by the Caucasus Barometer 2010 survey by CRRC.

And soon I will start telling everyone that my husband is a Georgian and can kick anyone’s ass.

Maybe when I finally declare myself the property of an aggressive man who does not like to share, will I be finally able to enjoy the said love and respect for women.

Some men might ask – what is this woman complaining about?

It must be something wrong with her if she does not enjoy the attention that she gets.

I cannot pass a group of men on Rustaveli after dark without feeling their hungry gazes on my back.

I cannot be at a supra without someone flirting with me, even if my boyfriend is there.

Even if your significant other isn’t a kitchen all-star, someone in their family is, making all of those potentially awkward family gatherings worth looking forward to.