Men are attracted physiologically, while women are attracted psychologically. In the same way that he has his responsibilities, one of hers is to create novelty for him.

RThumper says: I noticed that the word jealous comes out.

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What if you are not jealous of what your wife does and have felt that she is overly jealous towards other women for no reason?

Rabbi_Boteach says: By all means, jealousy must be kept in moderation.

However this does not exactly play out in the demographic data for arrivals of North Korean refugees in South Korea, which shows no spike in the female to male ratio of refugees in their 20s, so it is hard to say how big of a factor this is.

Finally, anecdotally, it seems that some North Korean women may be more likely to be motivated to make the journey to South Korea after watching dramas and films that are smuggled into North Korea on USBs and Micro-SD cards.

Firstly, North Korea is both politically and culturally very patriarchal, so women traditionally have a lower status than men, and are actually less tightly controlled by the North Korean system.

Starting from the famine of the 1990s, North Korean women had to exploit their official status as “housewives” to engage in private market activities and become the breadwinners to ensure their family’s survival.

Even men who love their wives are not naturally monogamous.

Maintaining Passion in Marriage Host says: Rabbi Shmuel Boteach, Director of Oxford University's L' Chaim Society, is our guest today. You can now make an opening statement before we let chat participants ask their questions.

In fact, I believe that a wife should indeed police her husband. Host says: What do you mean by "turning a marriage into an illicit affair" and how can couples do this?

Even men who love their wives are not naturally monogamous. Rabbi_Boteach says: Whereas marriage often loses its spark and novelty, statistics show that adultery retains its interest, for couples who are having an illicit affair.

Another reason that might be thought to hold North Korean men back is that they are tied up in military service for much of their 20s, which is a prime age for defection.