There are Asian men who White women find sexy, and these Asian men embody the essence of what it means to be attractive.

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Women desire a powerful man, one who isn’t afraid to act on his instincts and live to his true potential.

Many Asian men have a lot of things going for them, so when they challenge themselves to become more daring the impact is much greater.

There’s this guilt that showing your sexual interest towards women is a bad thing.

What ends up happening is that Asian men date within their social circles or go online where it’s safer to meet women.

Of course, the downfall to playing it safe in the dating world is that you miss out on so many opportunities with beautiful women.

This idea of playing it safe is something that’s taught to Asian men at a young age.Yet, judging by the lack of Asian Male interracial couples, we are still not viewed as a viable choice. It’s because that same attribute of being respectful to others causes Asian men to think they’re intruding or being rude when showing interest to white women.This is a large reason for why many Asian men are successful at their careers.However, playing it safe isn’t the sexiest thing to a woman. It’s nice that we are seeing some , which is a sign of progress, but it’s still a case of the exception doesn’t prove the rule.