This time he stayed in Corinth for three months (Acts 20:3).It was probably during this second visit in the spring of 58 that Paul wrote the Epistle to the Romans.

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Here he first became acquainted with Aquila and Priscilla, who became his fellow-workers.

Although Paul intended to pass through Corinth a second time before he visited Macedonia, circumstances were such that he first went from Troas to Macedonia before stopping at Corinth for a "second benefit" (2 Corinthians ).

Wielding a gold shovel, Nero himself was first to break ground, but the canal was not completed.

Up to the 12th century, ships were dragged on rollers across the isthmus.

Today, Corinth is the second largest city in the Peloponnese with several sites of interest to pilgrims and tourists.

The site of ancient Corinth was first inhabited in the Neolithic period (5000-3000 BC), and flourished as a major Greek city from the 8th century BC until its destruction by the Romans in 146 BC.Corinth was captured by the Turks in 1458; the Knights of Malta won it in 1612; the Venetians took a turn from 1687 until 1715, when the Turks returned; and the city finally came into Greek hands in 1822.In 1893 a 4-mile (6-km) Corinth canalwas finally completed, providing an essential shipping route between the Ionian and Aegean seas.Much of the city has been toppled by recurring earthquakes over the centuries.On the Acrocorinth itself are ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite, of which little remains.Nevertheless, Corinth remained inhabited for many centuries through successive invasions, destructions and plagues.