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The shortage of information about the poll caused one contributor to the liberal website Daily Kos to wonder whether someone had "catfished" the media with fake data.

We can confirm that the polling partnership is real -- and legitimate.

Penn and Ansolabehere are collaborating on the project with the Harris Poll, a venerable public-opinion pollster. 11 and 13, was initially released exclusively to the Capitol Hill newspaper The Hill, and the pollsters posted a detailed presentation of the results here, A closer look at the questions The question in the poll that attracted the most attention -- certainly from the political right -- was this one: "Should cities that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes be required to turn them over to immigration authorities?

" On this question, 80 percent of respondents said yes.

Breitbart, Town Hall and American Thinker, as well as on the Russian websites RT and Sputnik. We decided not to put the 80 percent finding to the Truth-O-Meter, because we don’t doubt the reliability of the poll itself.

But questions phrased differently can show dramatically different results.

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It is headed by longtime Democratic pollster Mark Penn and Stephen Ansolabehere, a professor of government at Harvard University and the director of its Center for American Political Studies.