Sean served time in jail for beating up a man outside a nightclub, and was once charged with attacking a couple with a brick outside a party.

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Expensive too — the adult children apparently get £7,000 a month from a trust, plus other contributions from the Bank of Dad, who is worth £170 million. They were reconciled in the early Eighties, but fell out of touch again until about six years ago.

Many credit Penny with keeping all the plates of his complicated family spinning happily. He said: ‘At first it was hard to feel like she was my own.

Sean was going to nightclubs, getting drunk and doing drugs aged 13.

Dyslexic, and suffering OCD, he dropped out of school at 16 and says he was bullied. I felt lost, I didn’t want to deal with my emotions so I just did drugs and partied and acted out because I was hurting inside.

As she once said in an interview: ‘Two kids are the perfect number for me, although I always think of us having eight children because all Rod’s kids are so much a part of our lives, like one big extended family.’Rod, too, is a much more hands-on dad now. He has become a lot softer and his elder children will even admit he’s a better parent who gives them more time,’ says Penny. But I’ve worked hard at it and now it’s beginning to feel like we’re family.

Sarah had something of a chip on her shoulder when we first met, but it’s understandable.’She now lives in East Sussex and is married.Rod sighed: ‘I’ve never told my kids what they can and can’t do, who they can and can’t see.But I tell them I had my own bad times and I get it.A chip off the old block, for the past year he has been dating a blonde, busty Playboy model Daisy Lea.Nowadays Sean and Rod are close, and share a love of football and shopping.In her youth she was a socialite and pals with Paris Hilton, in LA’s party-hard scene.