Right now there are a bunch of default messages which I've grown tired of, and a few other ones, and id like to replace the default ones. If you can think of any funny phrases post them in the comments section here and I may add them to the file to be used on the errogant souls who get /happy toggled on them!

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Instead of having 9 servers with only a few people in them, we'll have a handful of servers which will hopefully get more players. Im changing the maps on a number of the different servers to cater to the people who get bored of the current v182 MC map.

If you check the server list now you'll see some maps have been changed to versions like 24/7 Christmas, 24/7 Halloween, as well as the 'Retro' Neonheights map which features the old doomsday course, as well as a bunch of different doomsday buttons that many of you have never seen before.

After you add logaddress_add to your other servers and restarted the server, you should be able to run logaddress_list and it should return the IP: Port you just added.

I haven't had the chance to use the hlstats offering by NFO(I use my own installation), do you have daemon logs that you can look at?

These maps will stay on these servers permanently now, so if you like playing on one map specifically you can stick to that server.

I have also fixed TF2 Ware on our game server which has been broken for some time now. You can thank gaben for the down time Hey folks, our server plugins have been temporarily borkd thanks to the recent TF2 update that breaks literally everything as always.

My guess would be NFO is restricting the ability to add additional game servers to your hlstats daemon.

Adding servers to a hlstats daemon increases its resource usage, making it more expensive to run. I would love to see if I can help you out first-hand using something like teamviewer.

We've been through a number of different server providers and lived through a ton of TF2 updates.

We celebrated our 6th birthday on August 25th this year.

:)I can't believe how great this map is I may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don't let that fool you, I really am an idiot SANDSTORM IS MY FAVOURITE SONGShrek is love, Shrek is life.