A night at the theater, a museum, a dance show, the opera—find what you’re into, and splurge for a night!

Whether it’s a bar or the beach, head back to the scene where you two first met.

ideas for 1 year dating anniversary-27

Some are simple, some are more involved, and the prices and effort required vary—but all are decidedly not-lame.

Because you guys are #relationshipgoals, and deserve to be celebrated.

Check online to see if your city or town has them—many do, for limited engagements.

Add a little friendly competition to your night by making bets on a fun video game.

I have some ideas and have already done some of the basics for her B-day and other events (such as: a photo album).

We've both traveled extensively and met abroad, but neither of us can afford another major trip right now.

She's told me, "you don't need to get me anything", but she knows I will and I want to.

So, it doesn't have to be huge, but it does have to be meaningful.

Hi, My gf and I have our 1st anniversary coming up on Sept.