"Imagine if you could test the water before starting or going back into the dating scene?

Don’t get too excited, your not in the end zone yet.

Making her responsible for the date is not her idea of a good time and if you don’t take the lead she will find you boring.

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The player instructs the actor on how to deal with various dating misadventures.

It’s all for fun, but in theory, it could be of practical use. The player sends voice commands direct to the actors, who do whatever they're told. "The premise is that the character you are guiding is totally rubbish at dating," explains designer Ilayda Arden. There are thousands of possible routes through the game with loads of recognizable first date scenarios and complications to maneuver.

Remember, she is there with you so she must be sexually attracted to you and thinks your worthy enough to take a chance with. Gently put your hand on the small of her back to guide her through a door.

When you laugh together, touch her arm or rest your hand on her knee while catching your breath. You can quickly creep someone out if you invade their personal space too early.

is a new concept that's currently on Kickstarter (video pitch above).

It connects players at home with live actors in a first date scenario streamed from a suitable location.Check out these three proven methods to improve your dating skills.You’re on this date because you want to sleep with her (and maybe date her later on).This is not true, she will instead just find you to be uninteresting and will not appreciate having the masculine role placed on her shoulders.. Know where you want to take her and always have more than one venue planned.The goal is to fit in several “micro-dates” within the evening by visiting more than one location and doing more than one activity.The thing is that nowadays it takes a lot of time and effort texting back and forth before you can even get the date setup.