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The bot was quickly taken offline again, in addition to Tay's Twitter account being made private so new followers must be accepted before they can interact with Tay.

Microsoft said Tay was inadvertently put online during testing.

He compared the issue to IBM's Watson, which had begun to use profanity after reading entries from the website Urban Dictionary.

Abby Ohlheiser of The Washington Post theorized that Tay's research team, including editorial staff, had started to influence or edit Tay's tweets at some point that day, pointing to examples of almost identical replies by Tay, asserting that "Gamer Gate sux.

What better way, than to have it spoken about in your personal Facebook chat?

Tay was an artificial intelligence chatterbot that was originally released by Microsoft Corporation via Twitter on March 23, 2016; it caused subsequent controversy when the bot began to post inflammatory and offensive tweets through its Twitter account, forcing Microsoft to shut down the service only 16 hours after its launch.Michael Roback, associate director of the law library and director of law school information technology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, did not go into specifics, but he did reveal that the academic track will return at next year’s Techshow, which is scheduled for March 7-10 and will move to the Hyatt Regency Chicago from its traditional home at the Hilton Chicago.The plenary stage then hosted a panel discussion featuring five women: Judy Perry Martinez, former chair of the ABA Presidential Commission on the Future of Legal Services; Debbie Foster, founding partner of Affinity Consulting; Kimberly Sanchez, executive director of Community Legal Services of Mid Florida; Sarah Glassmeyer, project specialist manager at the ABA Center for Innovation; and Mary Vandenack, a partner at Vandenack Weaver.All genders are equal and should be treated fairly." Madhumita Murgia of The Telegraph called Tay "a public relations disaster", and suggested that Microsoft's strategy would be "to label the debacle a well-meaning experiment gone wrong, and ignite a debate about the hatefulness of Twitter users." However, Murgia described the bigger issue as Tay being "artificial intelligence at its very worst - and it's only the beginning".Microsoft was "deeply sorry for the unintended offensive and hurtful tweets from Tay", and would "look to bring Tay back only when we are confident we can better anticipate malicious intent that conflicts with our principles and values".However, Tay soon became stuck in a repetitive loop of tweeting "You are too fast, please take a rest", several times a second.