The theme of family life also extends to the space where the final performance will be showcased.The chapel in Caroline Gardens sits in London’s largest complex of almshouses once known as the Licensed Victuallers’ Asylum.

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The culmination of ‘Synchronised’ will be a beautifully-crafted, intergenerational final performance at Asylum, Caroline Garden’s Chapel, in Peckham on Monday 10 June 2013.

The show will be followed by a documentary film screening of the project at the Gallery in July 2013.

Asylum is also the perfect venue for this dance partnership to reside having been built only 13 years after the Gallery.

These sites share much of the same local history: Both were bombed during the blitz, but the Chapel, unlike the Gallery, has never been restored.

Activities include creative arts workshops, specialised gallery tours and social events.

The programme also offers a number of intergenerational projects, which aim to break down barriers between age groups.

Michelle Weiner, Community Programmes Manager at Dulwich Picture Gallery, said: “We are delighted to be working again with Rambert and their expertise to inspire visitors to use the Collection in new and exciting ways.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to showcase the role culture and heritage organisations can play in creating intergenerational projects that bring together community groups that may not mix otherwise.” Rosie Whitney-Fish, Project Manager at Rambert Dance Company, said: “Rambert are delighted to be continuing our partnership with Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Throughout the project, acapmedia will be recording documentary footage highlighting the strengths and achievements of the partnership between Rambert and Dulwich Picture Gallery.