Remember, there might be fewer roles for your age range, but you’re going to be facing less competition.

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“Skin has texture, even the smoothest of skin,” he says.

“[And] skin gets more texture as we age.” Cartwright adds, “The first thought that pops up when I see a headshot with overly retouched, plastic-looking skin is, ‘What are they hiding? In overly retouched photos, casting can’t trust what the actor will look like, and therefore won’t waste time calling that actor in to audition.” A character’s age is one of the most important factors in selecting actors for a project, so think about your age range and work with your photographer/retoucher to make sure your skin looks realistic and authentic to your age range.

Just like everyone else in the entertainment industry eventually learns, you have to understand that while you might not become an overnight smash, that doesn’t mean you can’t book acting gigs.

In an email interview, Becca Mc Cracken, managing director for Vagabond School for the Arts and former casting director, doesn’t believe there is an age that’s too old.

The “hot actors” market might not be the most lucrative avenue for your career at this point.

You’re less likely to become a Hollywood mega superstar and you can’t use your young age as an excuse for lack of credits. You’ll have life experience, wisdom, certainty, maturity. You’ll also have the ability to stay focused on your goals.

In fact, she says, “Those that are able to work later into their lives find themselves in a much smaller pool of talent than when they were younger.

With experience and acting chops, there are still plenty of opportunities in theater, TV, film, and commercials for the older actor.” In other words, there’s no age limit.

“Type and talent are obviously important but, more than anything, it’s important to follow your dreams and do what makes you happy.” Newton advises that people treat acting as a fun hobby until it develops into something more.

“Learn the skills, educate yourself about the business, and surround yourself with people who will help you on that journey and support you,” he says.

You can find the bulk of the information here in our Headshots: Everything You Need to Know guide, but you may still have questions like, “Should I Photoshop some of my wrinkles to try to make myself look a little younger?