The agents claim to Adriana that Christopher is in danger by working with dangerous criminals; they deny her assumption that Richie and Pussy's disappearances were due to them entering witness protection and tell her she could help Chris by cooperating with them.

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As Ralphie continues to give Tony a "taste" of the earnings, Tony's growing expectation of an increasing share creates tension between the two.

Meanwhile, Carmela asks Tony to sign some financial papers, among them a life insurance trust.

After she tells him that Junior is counting on him, Bobby pulls himself together and completes a neglected task for Junior: meeting with a union shop steward to intimidate him into changing his vote in an upcoming election.

Junior is displeased by the unflattering likeness painted by a courtroom artist on a TV news report.

That bold color comes from an application of Cabot Timber Oil.

And the hanging baskets and vines turn the pergola into a giant trellis.Instead, they fastened it together with well-cut joints.The pergola has a 14-foot base stamped with concrete that imitates Italian terra cotta, a Mediterranean theme that complements the stucco house.Bronchtein, it originally aired on October 13, 2002.Ralphie's racehorse, "Pie-O-My", wins the Belmont Stakes and makes a lot of money. Tony shows a growing fondness for the horse that Ralphie distinctly lacks.He found that the construction was cheaper and didn't disrupt the house, guttering or sealing.