Now it's time to pick a location for your first meet-up. But you have to have some form of security in the fact that doing that cute thing with the noodle from Lady and the Tramp is appealing with DCHottiexx27 (with that name, maybe she belongs on Adult Friend Finder.) Nonalcoholic -- well, I dunno how to help you on that. Too quiet -- your lack of witty repartee is making those figurative crickets very, very loud. ) and she's out the door faster than you can say 20% off code at Intermix. I think it's stupid as a romantic endeavor, and it's too well lit and gross in Starbucks and you can see his leg hair shining in the afternoon light and it's just not going to get me hot and bothered. Jasmine: I was an actress living in Los Angeles and I would go to all these Hollywood parties and feel, at times, a sense of vapidness.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to present to you the longest interview of all time with the one and only, amazingly talented The J-Spot columnist, JASMINE LOBE.

(It’s worth every minute, I promise.) Marina: Let’s start from the beginning: How did J-Spot start?

Verlander has been working his way back from core muscle repair surgery this off-season, but seems to be ahead of schedule as spring training begins in one week; he is looking to make five starts in Lakeland before Opening Day.

As for Upton, she did earn a third straight Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover -- kind of.

An additionally worse prospect: running into someone you know well enough who will come over to the table. Who's definitely not your "friend." You barely know the guy, except that he loves Dave Matthews, which of course tells you absolutely nothing.

You're shouting, you can't hear what he's saying, and before you know it, he's talking about hiking in Appalachia and you're talking about how interminable was. I told you already it was a one-time thing, I wish you'd get off it." 3. And then you think to yourself, do I really look that cheesy when I break out my best story about that time I was beer pong champion in college as a way to demonstrate that I'm fratty and somewhat of a lush? The forced introduction of someone you're on a date with.

This is important because if you go somewhere too expensive and you've picked it, you look like a dick.

You guys write about the same thing and you would love her.” If I had a few bucks for every time I heard these words, I could probably afford a new pair of snow boots.

Jo enlists the help of her ex-fiance Slade Smiley plus her best friends Myia Ingoldsby and Katy Metz.