Roday started his acting career starring in various theatrical productions, including Three Sisters, A Respectable Wedding and Severity's Mistress.He took on leading roles in Sexual Perversity in Chicago and Extinction which he produced with his theatre company Red Dog Squadron, for which he also directed the play Greedy and wrote and directed the one-act play Sustenance.On February 8, 2016, CBS canceled the series after the first five episodes had aired.

The team also worked on a script for the film adaptation of the video game Driver.

Roday directed his first feature film, Gravy, in 2013, written by him and Todd Harthan.

He also developed, wrote and directed the pilots Shoot The Moon for USA and Quest For Truth for E! Most recently, Roday starred and executive produced, Psych: The Movie.

The TV movie will air in December 2017, which he also co-wrote with Psych's series creator Steve Franks.

Lawson starred in the ABC sitcom Back In The Game, which was picked up for the 2013 fall season.

She played Terry Gannon, a single mother and former college softball player who reluctantly agrees to coach her son's little league team.

She attended Assumption High School, an All-Girls Catholic school.

Early on, she co-hosted WDRB Fox 41 Kid's Club in Louisville.

In 2016, Lawson starred in the CBS fantasy sitcom Angel from Hell.

She played Allison Fuller, a dermatologist who knows Amy, a mysterious woman who reveals herself to be an angel.

She also has starred in the sitcoms Inside Schwartz, It's All Relative, and Crumbs, as well as the television movie Nancy Drew.