With this release, the name of the `Zip Entry` instance returned from `zip.

Zip Entry()` always ends with '/' for any zip directory entry.

Not /** * Unzip bootstrap distrubution if not already present.

" will be threw while extracting a zip file that contains a entry with size larger than Integer#MAX_VALUE bytes (about 2 GB).

After the big entry has been read, then try to get next entry by calling Zip Archive Input Stream#get Next Zip Entry(), and it throws that EOFException.

what if the first entry from zip Next Entry() returns / .there is no code to create the parent folder.

* @author */ public class Unzip Utility this code assumes that the zipped file will have individual files and empty folders as the contents.

* @param jar File the jar archive file, on the hard disk. */ public static Input Stream input Stream From File In Jar Archive(File jar File, String file Name) throws Cilia Exception /** * Unzips a given file.

* @param input File The zip file to extract * @return The new folder, containing the extracted content of the zip file * @throws IOException Reporting a failure to extract the zipped file or close it afterwards */ private static File unzip File(final File input File) throws IOException /** * Zip the given directory.

* @param file the zip file containing the resources to return * @param root the directory within the zip file containing the resources * @return a list of file resources contained in the specified directorywithin a given Zip'd archive file */ private List get Resources(Zip File file, String root) /** * Unpacks the content from the supplied zip file into the supplied destination directory.

* @todo [11-Dec-2009: KASI] This should be merged with * @param zipfile The zip file which has to be unpacked.

If the length of the specified comment string is greater than 0x FFFF bytes after encoding, only the first 0x FFFF bytes are output to the ZIP file entry.