If it is company to person then income tax could be involved.

If you receive property or services, you must include their fair market value in income. You do not withdraw it or enter it into your passbook until 2013. You must report the income in the year the property is received or made available to you without restriction. Frances Jones, a service contractor, was entitled to receive a $10,000 payment on a contract in December 2012.

She was told in December that her payment was available.

The practising certificate will be dated the date of actual receipt by the Registrar of Solicitors of the properly completed application form and full payment.

It is professional misconduct and a criminal offence for a solicitor (other than under exceptions provided for in legislation) to practise without a practising certificate.

On receipt of this documentation, original practising certificate and payment, the Society will issue the backdated practising certificate.

The actions that can be taken against a solicitor found to have practised or be practising without a practising certificate include a referral to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, an application to the High Court, and a report to An Garda Síochána.Though if the check was received prior to midnight on December 31st, but after the bank closes, they would probably let the tax payer decide to count it for the next year.Of course if the check is from person A to person B then the only issue is gift tax, or annual limit calculations.Based on past case law, a check made payable to qualified charity and delivered (e.g., placed in the mail on 12/31 would count as delivered as it is out of the hands of the donor) would fall under the "constructive receipt doctrine".However, for non-charitable gifts (e.g., gifts to family members) it is the date the check is cashed (honored by the receiving bank).Usually there are ways around this issue as I can give ,000 to each and every person I want and if married my spouse can do the same.