Taught by MVP Stephanie Locke with a decade of BI and data science experience. For SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) professionals responsible for developing, deploying, and managing data integration at enterprise-scale. Ever wanted to automate your busy work away, but you weren’t sure where to start?

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Good news – I’ll teach you how in 3 days of labs, learning, and fun.

We’ll take you from no data science knowledge to understanding the fundamentals and being able to put them into production using SQL Server.

However, an Advisor may also contact customers themselves, maybe for market research purposes or perhaps to sell them something. In addition to phone calls, Advisors often communicate with customers via email, webchat and post.

Advisors are often referred to by other names, including: Agents, Customer Service Representatives and Associates.

Overview A Team Leader, often known as a supervisor or a Team Manager, is responsible for managing a team of Advisors.

The Team Leader’s role is to ensure individual Advisors are performing against targets, while reviewing their performance and coaching them to do so.

Being in a hands-on role also requires other skills in coaching and negotiating, verbal English, as well as having a high work ethic, to lead the call centre from the front.

Overview Contact Centre Heads lead contact centre operations of various sizes.

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