With the help of my wonderful new henpals I was able to purchase a whole new cam system - a proper outdoor CCD camera which was even submersible in water!

Live adult camera feed uk-31Live adult camera feed uk-6Live adult camera feed uk-90

The webcams have now been turned off for another year.

We hope to welcome you back in 2018 and hope that it's as successful as this year has been.

They can be used to check local road conditions and volume of traffic before you travel.

Thanks to Exa Networks for the help & support on keeping this site going!

The streaming technology used is cutting-edge, and made possible by those great people at if you need to stream anything, they are the guys to talk to!

The first upgrade I was able to carry out was a large IR lamp in the coop, so you can still see the hens even in pitch blackness!

We'll continue to update the Twitter feed with any news, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

Peregrine falcons have regularly graced the skies above Woking for the last fifteen years, and a new pair of these spectacular birds have recently made the town their home.

With your help we can provide more opportunities for people to learn more about these amazing birds as well as carry out important research.

You can support the Sheffield Peregrines Project by donating through our Virgin Money Giving page.

I did a bit of research and after some failed attempts with a USB webcam (too many wires in the chicken pen!