Facebook is currently being used to spread dehumanizing misinformation about the Rohingya, an ethnic minority in Myanmar.

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If you find yourself in an unethical environment, please at least attempt applying for other jobs.

The demand for data scientists is high and if you are currently working as a data scientist, there are most likely other companies that would like to hire you.

With this knowledge comes a responsibility to use it for good.

There are many reasons why you may feel trapped in your job (needing a visa, supporting a family, being new to the industry); however, I have found that people in unethical or toxic work environments (my past self included) consistently underestimate their options.

This is an example of why data scientists shouldn’t just unthinkingly optimize for a simple metric, but that we must also think about what type of society we want to live in.

Evan Estola, lead machine learning engineer at Meetup, discussed the example of men expressing more interest than women in tech meetups.Data science can have a devastating impact on our world, as illustrated by inflammatory Russian propaganda being shown on Facebook to 126 million Americans leading up to the 2016 election (and the subject of the senate hearing described above) or by lies spread via Facebook that are fueling ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.Over half a million Rohinyga have been driven from their homes due to systematic murder, rape, and burning.For many in Myanmar, Facebook is their only news source.As quoted in the New York Times, one local official of a village with numerous restrictions prohibiting Muslims (the Rohingya are Muslim while the majority of the country is Buddhist) admits that he has never met a Muslim, but says Abe Gong, CEO of Superconductive Health, discusses a criminal recidivism algorithm used in U. courtrooms that included data about whether a person’s parents separated and if their father had ever been arrested.However, we have a moral responsiblity to our world and to those whose lives will be impacted by our work.