Now, we're equally perplexed by the fact that Chris has only 75% of trophies in a bona-fide 3D Sonic title.Comparing to the list of games he owns, there was a bunch of them that he hadn't even booted up a single time.

The trophies he lacks are the ones that require you to complete actual challenges or completing the game in under five hours.

Due to the trophy data not visible to the public and people reporting hearsay as fact, a lot of people were under assumption that Chris had 100% of the trophies in Sonic 2006 (which doesn't even have trophies).

There are some games he had touched maybe once and then left to the wayside; for example, all of his Bio Shock trophies are from the beginning of the game, and he received all of them on October 23, 2008, over a couple of hours.

(The logical conclusion is that the second level of Bio Shock will blow your mind.) In public, he also prominently featured games he never really played; the PS3 History Level shows many games that he touched only a few times (Mirror's Edge and Bio Shock, for example, currently sit at 11% and 9% respectively), and in the PS3 tutorial, Chris says he thinks PAIN is a "fun" game, yet he let it sit at 0%.

You might ask yourself how he could spend that much and what he could spend it on.

Chris seemingly buys everything possible, from game content to movies to several episodes of terrible harem anime.

A list of Chris's PSN purchases reveals that he frequently buys DLC for games he doesn't even own.

Chris has spent at least ,127.64 in American taxpayer dollars.

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