We shouldn’t have long to wait until we see what that campaign looks like, as Rubin has said that the phone should be launching within the month. I was discussing my recent dating experience with my best friend which lead to a pretty good conversation. He explained how my conclusion to the situation was purely emotional, although I had a point.And it may not come at all: "Resident Evil 7 Biohazard will be available for Play Station VR at launch on 24th January, 2017," a rep said.

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We recently spoke to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard game director Koshi Nakanishi about the series' "switch to first-person VR," in which he described the first-person perspective as the "optimum" way to inflict horror on modern (read: jaded) gamers.

Strapping the game directly to your face by way of a VR headset promises, in theory at least, to intensify the effect even further by injecting players directly into the unpleasantness.

In fact, the company’s mobile boss even went as far as to confirm on record that the Galaxy Note 8 will be released in September.

That’s right, Samsung is so excited about its next-generation flagship phone that it confirmed the handset’s release timing even before announcing the phone.

Since Capcom has said all it's going to say for now, there's nothing left to do at this point but wait to see what transpires.

I would suggest, though, that if you were planning on scooping up a Vive in anticipation of diving face-first into that Resi goodness, you might want to hold off.

This launch “exclusive” isn’t quite as exclusive as others, because the Essential Phone is packed with enough radios to work across multiple networks — and Essential will be selling the phone unlocked.

Rubin said at the Code conference that he’s trying very hard to not install carrier apps on the Essential Phone when it launches.

He didn’t go so far as to flat-out to commit to no “Craplets” (as Walt Mossberg called them at Code), however.