Any bookmarks saved in HTML format (such as exported bookmarks) must be imported (see above) rather than restored.

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[8] In Firefox 2, you can rename one of the bookmarks-(date)files from the bookmarkbackups folder to "bookmarks.html" and use it to replace the existing file in the Firefox profile folder.

Firefox 3 and above, Sea Monkey 2.1 and above: Starting in Firefox 3 and Sea Monkey 2.1, the "bookmarks.html" file is no longer used to store bookmarks (although you can still import from and export your bookmarks to a bookmarks HTML file).

Note: At the top of the Firefox window there should be a menu bar with a Bookmarks item, along with other menu items (File, Edit, View, etc.).

On Windows, starting in Firefox 3.6, the menu bar can be hidden.

The problem can also be caused by a faulty or misconfigured plugin or extension, or even malware, causing Firefox to remain in memory.

To find a backup and recover the missing files, I did the following import / reinstall trick. I hope it works for you, but don't come after me if it doesn't ;-) 1.

(Firefox) If your bookmarks appear in the Bookmarks Manager (Ctrl/Cmd Shift B) but not in the main menu and can't be edited, this can be caused by a corrupt file [4].

You can fix this by either deleting the file from the profile folder or, in Firefox 1.5 and later, by starting in Firefox Safe Mode and selecting the option to reset toolbars and controls, then clicking the "Make changes and restart" button, as explained in this article.

However, there are other reasons why your bookmarks may be missing, so it is important that you follow all of these steps: Mozilla browsers allow different users to have different settings and bookmarks.