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*********************************************************************** There is an odd postscript to this story.

On January 27, 1910, the new courthouse was rocked by a massive explosion resulting from men thawing dynamite over the courthouse stove in order to fish in the Tuckasegee River.

Barrett Banks (brother to Elmore, who was injured in the race riots just two years prior) was nearly killed. An African-American Frank Williams was living in Bryson City in 1910, but would have been a 13 year-old youth at the time of the riots.

Bad blood had existed between the negroes and the whites for some time but no one expected any trouble.

Suddenly and without warning the negroes opened fire with shotguns and pistols.

All the records of the town and county were burned.

The fire was undoubtedly of incendiary origin, and it is believed to have been lighted by negroes in revenge for the recent drastic measures which have been taken by the authorities to suppress lawlessness.The firing on the whites by the negroes Sunday night was sudden and without provocation.A crowd of 40 or 50 white people were at the railway station while just across the tracks were a dozen or more negroes.In light of the race riots originating that are currently sweeping the country, I thought it might be of interest to post a short entry about a little-known fact: Bryson City had its own race riots in the early 1900s.______________________________________________________________________  Those individuals who do a great deal of genealogical and historical work within Swain County find it a source of frustration that in many cases, priceless documents pre-dating 1908 are unavailable. A fire which destroyed the county's courthouse in 1908.It is understood here that the negroes are sufficiently amused and that for a long time in the future they will give no more trouble."Race riots, which have been in progress at Bryson City for several days, culminated in the burning of the Swain County courthouse there.