"The Catholic priesthood, in a sense, fosters a psychosexual immaturity by imposing celibacy," Sipe told Live Science.That could make it hard for priests to offer wise and mature counsel on those issues to their parishioners, he said.

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The first head of the Catholic Church (effectively the first pope), Peter, was married, as were many of the other apostles during Jesus' time.

But in the New Testament, marriage was seen as a holy option for those who would otherwise have trouble controlling their sexual urges.

But those who would like to see married priesthood argue celibacy is so difficult for many men that it dissuades people from the priesthood and can lead to sexually immature people pastoring their flocks.

Married to the church The roots of celibacy requirements go back to Jesus Christ: According to the Bible, he was an unmarried virgin.

So far, Pope Francis has given little indication that priestly celibacy is on the chopping block.

However, Archbishop Pietro Parolin, the Vatican's new secretary of state and Pope Francis' No."People who are attracted to vocations are typically drawn because they want to serve Jesus," Shea said."I don't think eliminating the celibacy requirement in the Latin Rite is really going to change that much." Logistical challenges Unlike the rule barring women from priesthood, priestly celibacy is considered a tradition, not official Church dogma.Theologically, it may be pointed out that priests serve in the place of Christ and therefore, their ministry specially configures them to Christ.As is clear from Scripture, Christ was not married (except in a mystical sense, to the Church).2 man, has said the issue is open for discussion, though still a firmly rooted Catholic tradition.