Add in a couple of days of exertion in the heat, sleep deprivation, mild dehydration and decreased appetite, and you may find yourself feeling a bit edgy. Burning Man has stressed my relationship more than any other single event/episode/situation I can name.Chances are you will take it out on those people who are closest to you. There are, however, precautionary measures I can recommend…5 Ways to (Maybe) Keep a Relationship Beyond Burning Man Take care of one another.Does your partner go into convulsions when there’s no place to plug in the blow dryer? In 1994, I attended Burning Man for the first time with eight hardy, easygoing and resourceful individuals …

One of you might be into sitting around camp and making stuff, while the other wants to don costumes and do performance art in the cafe.

Don’t be pushy and expect your partner to do the same things you want to do at every second.

If your theme camp comes together by Friday, you’ll be doing better than many.

That old expression, “Best of Plans Mislaid” is especially apropos to the Burning Man experience.

It takes about two minutes to become over-stimulated at Burning Man. Anything and everything can and will happen when you stick a bunch of homo sapiens in an empty desert.

Between the people, the sights and the sounds, you will find yourself in a place where the rules have changed and few things are what they seem. Here’s the inside skinny that will make your journey through the sexual side of Black Rock City more pleasant.We’ve all heard stories about people marrying people they’ve met on the playa, or meeting friends, future roommates and co-workers.But for each good story, there is a corresponding one about friends and lovers parting ways after their week in the desert. You’ll be out frolicking and enjoying the sights after the sun goes down, but what will you do when the sun is up?Ambitious projects quickly become forced marches when only a couple of people shoulder the load.Don’t get upset when things don’t come together on the first day.Cut yourself, and your friends, some slack, and don’t take it personally. I’m going out to Burning Man for the first time and I’m curious about the sexual energy involved.