Crosby's decisive goal sent the Canadian supporters into raptures and caused traffic jams throughout Vancouver as fans took to the streets to celebrate a historic win.

Honours were shared last night as the NHL returned from its break during the games with two Canada/USA clashes.

The 61-year-old said: ' Hannah Storm in a horrifying outfit today.

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' I am allowed five minutes rest each hour so I may do a four hour stint and then have 20 minutes off but we'll have to wait and see how things work out.' It turns out that Daren is no stranger to the media spotlight thanks to his ability as a creative caricature artisan and has cut hair depicting soccer stars such such as Wayne Rooney, David Beckham and Theo Walcott.

Floyd Mayweather Jr believes he deserves to be compared to Martin Luther King and Malcolm X for demanding potential rival Manny Pacquiao takes blood tests to prove he's not a drugs cheat.

It will be screened between 7 and 8am every week day morning and updated at 10.30pm so you can see what Hannah Storm is reporting - and wearing - and then tune in to the unrivalled PTI with top notch Mike Wilbon and, while sparring partner Kornheiser is serving his suspension, the amusing Dan Le Batard.

For more information go to I don't know how good a specimen some of them are and it will be interesting to see if Jason Leonard can still fit into a pair of shorts. I'm assuming the tight-fitting shirts will be quite difficult for them to pull on as well.

And if you have missed out there's a chance to catch up on the news action and see what all the fuss is about from Monday as Sports Center will now be screened every night on ESPN America.

The programme's blend of news, passion and personality can't be beaten and has been finely honed during its 30-year reign, winning countless awards including ten sports Emmys.Kirilenko (pictured with his missus) plays center for NBA team the Urah Jazz and the announcement of his superstar wife Masha Lopatova may well have been music to his ears.She explained her one free groupie rule to when she said: ' What's forbidden is always desireable.Watch live on ESPN from tomorrow midnight to see if Crosby compares to the legendary Wayne Gretzky.Pretty sports presenter Hannah Storm has lived up to her surname by taking the United States by, well, storm this week.The ESPN boradcaster has been at the centre of a controversial dispute about the tight tops, skirts and boots she wears on Sports Center, the station's flagship nightly news show.