" She said it like it was the first time it had occurred to her that I might get some say in the matter.

Several years had passed since then, but Debbie thought of me one day when she was talking to her friend (Blond Date's mom), who was fretting over her son's bachelordom.

As they were lamenting over how "all he needed was to meet a nice girl," my name popped into Debbie's mind.

(Some of which she’s still trying to figure out.)Stephanie Rische was starting to feel invisible. Beloved blogger Stephanie Rische debuts with this charming, vulnerable, and (who are we kidding?

CHAPTER 1Blond Date"Have fun on your blond date," Nhu told me as she headed out the door.

I wasn't sure I could sit and make small talk with a stranger for an hour, let alone do said scary activity with a date. So if things blew up or fizzled out, I'd be able to wallow in anonymity.

As I tried to figure out how to respond to her voice mail, I thought through the booby traps of saying yes: (1) I'd have to navigate the tricky, alien world of dating, with its unwritten codes and expectations; (2) in a short window of time, I'd have to try to represent myself accurately yet winsomely enough that this person would go out of his way to see me again; and (3) I'd have to try to eat something while looking cute and preferably not getting anything stuck between my teeth. Of course, I hadn't counted on Blond Date not showing up at all. By now I was moving from twinges of disappointment to bouts of indignation.I'm not entirely sure why I agreed to the setup, since for me, even answering a call from an unknown number felt like an act of daredevilesque courage.I'd always assumed blind dates fell into the category of Things I Just Don't Do, right up there with cliff diving and juggling knives. There was something else I had going for me: I never bumped into Debbie in the course of normal life.As my eyes flicked compulsively between the parking lot and my watch, I heard a voice behind me. As soon as we ordered (to his credit, he paid), it was time to face the dilemma I'd had plenty of time to ponder since arriving.The thing is, this particular Jamba Juice had no seating.I seized the teachable moment, telling her what was important to me when it came to someone I'd want to date. Someone who loved God and did the right thing, even when it hurt.