Recently, Trip experienced a flirtation with Kantare beauty Liana — he gave her a tour of the ship and a protein resequencer programmed for five flavors of ice cream.

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During his brief experience being "with child," Trip experienced all the usual hormonal irregularities, resulting in mood swings and fluctuations in appetite.

Luckily, managed to locate the Xyrillians and transfer the embryo.

When Trip and Zho'Kaan both crashed on an inhospitable moon, they started out as combatants, but ultimately developed something of an understanding.

Trip has also forged an unlikely bond with Reed, whose buttoned-up nature seems diametrically opposed to the chief engineer's friendly manner.

When the duo was stranded in a damaged shuttlepod for several days, they initially clashed, as Trip is given to what Reed calls "treacly optimism." In the end, they discovered they have more in common than they thought, and at one point, Trip even tried to sacrifice himself so that Reed would have a better chance of survival.

Luckily, they were both rescued by , and lived to spend some memorable shore leave time together on pleasure planet Risa.

The captain describes his chief engineer as "tough as nails," and has saved Trip's life several times.

During an Omega training mission on Titan, Trip's EV pack froze up and he got nitrogen narcosis and tried to remove his helmet — Archer ordered him to keep it on.

Trip is the third senior officer on , but he's a "fish out of water" when dealing with new civilizations.

Biographical Overview Trip — his father and grandfather were both Charles, so "Trip" is short for "triple" — has been in Starfleet for 12 years, and has known Archer for eight. Robinson to convince Starfleet and its Vulcan advisors that the NX program was worth keeping on track.

Though he appears to be the charmer when it comes to the ladies, Trip claims that he has been involved in only three relationships, all of which ended badly.