This is the best place to get craft beer in Muncie hands down!

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Of course the majority of the clientele here is the typical college bruiser who just wants some bottom shelf liquor and Keystone to chase, so most like the atmosphere just fine. Talked to a couple guys there that really knew their stuff. Gladly drive the 30 min to offer my support and money!

The employees aren't very friendly, but they will consistently ask if you need help finding anything. The Friendly Package on Jackson really is the only place in Muncie to get good craft beers.

This is the best place to buy craft beer in Muncie. Sometimes their knowledge is a bit limited but I think a lot of that is due to being involved with a decent number of craft breweries and beers.

To date I have not had any issues with buying anything that it out of date. It's hard to keep track of a lot of things and what each brewery is doing.

It's best to hit the location nearest campus (as they tend to move that most products). They always have a great selection of beers available.

My favorite feature is the ability to piece together a six-pack.

I was also surprised to find Upland's Teddy Bear Kisses here.

One of the new staff members also seems fairly knowledgeable in terms of craft.

On the minus side, during school time, on weekend nights, hell, on any night, there are a lot of ignorant college fucks hovering about. The Friendly Package has had a special place in my heart for the last 15 years, as it is the only place in Muncie that I purchase beer.

You just can't trust the quality and freshness of the beers on the shelves at the local grocery stores (mainly because the majority of our local shoppers by poor quality beers).

The staff is courteous but doesn't appear to be extremely knowledgeable.