It wasn't until about a year ago that we started growing closer again and then he told me that he was going to move out of Sarah's house.He told me that part of the reason it wasn't working out between them was because he still had feelings for me, and he could never forgive himself for what had happened.Like one time I remember, when they went to "drop off the trash" — because we were in a rural area of New England and didn't have garbage pickup — and they were gone for two hours. "After I caught them, I didn't move out right away.

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After a few months, he told me that it was finally over: He was moving out and filing for divorce.

I was internally excited when he told me — I thought we could be friends, but I wasn't thinking about being anything more.

I would have to pump my breast milk and Brian and Sarah would be the ones to feed it to him.

It was a rocky road for us when we first separated and it stayed that way for the first few years, unless we were in front of the kids.

" They told me that the guy there just talked their ear off for a long time. He ultimately told me he loved her but if I didn't want him to continue things with her then we would try to work on our marriage. I called my mother and I said, "I need to get out of here," and I left.

Sarah and Dan also split up, and Sarah and Brian got married not long after.

That's when it all started up again and now we're secretly dating.

I've told a few of my friends, and he's come out with me occasionally.

I felt insulted by it because he had been with her for all those years. After I didn't show any interest, he tried to work things out with Sarah and they went through marriage counseling.