The first to die was a 37-year-old with a name translated as Chkhe Men Sen.

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A police probe led by the country's equivalent of the FBI has been launched as it emerged that two more North Koreans staying in the same building are in hospital.

The first man to die was named as Chkhe Men Sen, 37.

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Although Kim, who was estranged from his family, was not an obvious political threat, he may have been seen as a potential rival in the country's dynastic dictatorship.

North Korea has denounced such speculation and has never acknowledged the victim was a member of its ruling family.

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Rustam, who said he was the 'new manager' of the hotel, told Mail Online: 'No comment on the number of people who died.'There are no illnesses in our dormitory, and I will not be speaking about earlier reports. Talk to their chiefs.'There has been no comment from the North Korean embassy.

As for how many citizens of North Korea live here, the answer is none. It comes just months after the half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was murdered at Kuala Lumpur airport in Malaysia.

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