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Sometimes it is hard to find an adult who can deliver effective sex education.

So Rutgers has created a computer-based curriculum in sexuality education that can be followed by 12 to 19 year olds with or without a teacher, improving their IT skills as they learn.

To be comprehensive it shouldn’t focus solely on sex and sexuality, but emphasise the importance of forming healthy relationships.

Young people should gain self-esteem and understand how to protect their physical and emotional well-being.

They should understand the consequences of having sex and the importance of safer sex.

Young people should learn that they have sexual health rights.The tools and materials cater for the needs of young people of different ages and with different abilities and backgrounds.They can be used in the home, school or other settings like youth groups and young offenders’ institutions. The World Starts with Me is one of our most recent curriculums.Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) means providing information and guidance about the physical and emotional aspects of growing up and starting relationships.Formal, effective sex education can happen in or out of school, but it must always be based on fact.Young people are naturally curious about sex and sexuality.