(H.323 is an international standard for Internet-based video so that different companies’ products can work with each other.) You can use it for free and it is a good way to make sure everything works before trying out various types of video chat software.

You will need to do a quick setup in Net Meeting before using it for the first time.

You contact the relay service using video communications technology and the relay service places the call and interprets the conversation.

Video relay service is much faster and more natural than text-based relay services, for those who know American Sign Language.

Some cameras require you to install the software before plugging in the USB camera.

Follow the installation instructions that came with your camera.

For a better video quality, it is strongly recommended to buy a high quality CCD camera.

Several popular cameras with CCD lenses are: After plugging in your new USB camera, Windows may ask you to insert the CD that came with the camera.

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Free Chat Sites – this is a great way to find chats.

How to Start Signing over the Internet with a PC Date: May 2003 (Macintosh users, click here.) With the increased availability of high-speed Internet in both business and residential areas, it is now easier to do signed video chat with family and friends. Video Relay Service provides sign language interpretation for voice telephone calls.

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