The time is right, in other words, for a levelling of the playing field.

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“Hatty [Kingsley-Miller, one of the founders] was doing online dating and having a horrendous time of it, so we knew we wanted to do a twist [on conventional dating sites],” says co-founder Mo Saha.

“Antidate works quite well for girls, who didn’t want to be ‘out there’ with their profiles. Men, on the other hand, found the idea of not having to make the first move quite refreshing.

Most notably, the Bye Felipe Instagram account (instagram.

com/byefelipe) highlights abusive, sexist or hostile responses by rejected men on dating sites such as Ok Cupid or Tinder.

If you like the look of someone, you can endorse the person with a thumbs-up (by swiping right on the screen).

If you don’t, you can give them a hands-down no (by swiping left).

Many of them are battle-weary, tired of being relentlessly pursued (no, really) and bruised by ham-fisted messages and overly forthright approaches.