Today, creditors assess the creditworthiness of potential credit card customers much more thoroughly than they have in the past.They evaluate household income, debt levels, number of credit cards now held by the consumer, and how much credit is available on them.Remember, you are entitled to receive the report free if you were turned down for credit because of the report.

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This is true for people of all ages, demographics and financial circumstances.

The Office of the Treasurer has gathered information from a number of sources that may be helpful. On your first try to get a credit card you might be frustrated.

The credit bureau must include your letter with your report in the future.

If you would like to see your credit report, contact one of the three national credit reporting agencies listed below.

A potential creditor may look at your "credit history." This is information they get from a "credit reporting agency" or "credit bureau." This information is called your "credit report" or "credit history." It is a file with computerized information about the payments you have made on credit cards, car loans or other types of credit.

Federal law gives you the right to know what your credit report says.

The bottom line today for companies who issue credit cards to consumers is to make sure they profit from the use of their card.

It’s not on their agenda to keep you from spending more than you should, or to encourage you to pay low rates instead of high ones, or to teach you to avoid the behavior that will cause you to pay more than you have to.

If you are not satisfied with the results of the investigation, you may send a brief letter to the credit bureau to keep in your file.

In the letter, explain why you think the record is wrong.

AUSTIN - In two minutes someone could be sharing your credit card information with criminals all over the world.