You have an understanding of what you can't and won't tolerate.

not dating for a year-76

I finally decided to give that up and decided it was time to focus on me for the year. Where I saw myself in 10 years; what kind of future I saw for myself.

What I was passionate about; what my interests were.

During the past year, I’ve taken this time to get better acquainted with my own body.

Before the start of this journey, I was consumed by how a partner perceived my body's physical appearance.

I now accept that my body is unique, and I appreciate it.

This time of reflection has allowed me to feel grateful for all my body has done for me.

I don't believe your 20s are a time for a serious relationship. I am not done accomplishing what I want to accomplish in my life and my career.

I believe your 20s are for grinding, exploring, traveling and finding yourself. I am too driven and too ambitious to have someone holding me back from doing whatever it is I want to do.

I had absolutely no one distracting me or stressing me out. If I never took this time off from the dating, I would never have discovered the things I have about myself.

I would have never realized the things I am truly passionate about, I would have never fully explored and discovered my absolute love for writing. I live the most fulfilling life I could ever imagine myself to have.

And so after a particularly hurtful and unfulfilling relationship, I decided to address the deeper intimacy needs I'd been trying to meet through sex.