A static evaluation means that AWS Cloud Formation can determine the tag's value before executing the change set.In some cases, AWS Cloud Formation can determine a value only after you execute a change set.

Planning for resource recreation (replacements) prevents you from losing data that wasn't backed up or interrupting applications that are running in your stack.

The value in the field, AWS Cloud Formation updates the resource using the most intrusive behavior.

The Solution When you use the new Tfvc Template.12build process template, it’s easy to run addition scripts or tools as part of the build process.

There is a tool available (Tfb Notes.exe) that generates a build report in .

I have just switched to VS2012 and being unfamiliar with it, checked in some major changes without a comment.

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You can create and manage change sets using the AWS Cloud Formation console, AWS CLI, or AWS Cloud Formation API.

Important Change sets don't indicate whether AWS Cloud Formation will successfully update a stack.

For example, a change set doesn't check if you will surpass an account limit, if you're updating a resource that doesn't support updates, or if you have insufficient permissions to modify a resource, all of which can cause a stack update to fail.